Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phuket & Krabi with Superstar Libra: Day 2

Rise and shine! It's day 2 of our trip!

We woke up around 7am then went for buffet breakfast at Mariners restaurant. Love the view of sunrise and the ocean while having the most important meal of the day. You can check out the fun and dance we had in Day 1.

Breakfast with ocean view.

Next, we gathered in Stardust lounge for briefing and we were divided according to the tour we purchased a day before. Our Phuket tour includes elephant ride, Wat Chalong, cashew nut factory, Wang Talang outlet, Central Festival and Patong beach.

Weren't supposed to take pictures in the lounge but we curi-curi snap. It's fine actually when there's no show going on. After briefing session we hop on to a boat to shore. It was drizzling a bit.

In the bus to our first destination in Phuket. 

First of all we were taken to a center to watch baby elephant show followed by monkey show then adult elephant ride. This is us taking a selfie with the monkey after watching the performance.

Though the ride was bumpy, it was a fun and exciting. Your heart might sink awhile just like when a cable car take off from the ground when you first get on the elephant but soon after you will get used to it.

Next we came to a huge restaurant for international buffet lunch.

Sawadeekap! It looks like a resort lobby. Maybe it really is a resort.

Walking towards the restaurant which was quite far from the lobby.

A good thing about tour is we don't have to worry about our meals. We passed by many banquet halls along the way. We were served with international buffet ranging from Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Malay food. A lot of variety for each type of food ie. soup, rice dish, vege, salad, meat, seafood, sushi . The soup were spicy though especially the dark brown coloured fish belly soup. Damn spicy!

Next we arrived at Wat Chalong. The temple area is enormous. I couldn't recall how many pagodas are in that plot but certainly more than 10. You can visit each pagoda except the one used for cremation.

Wheee...its spacious!

The 3rd or 4th pagoda we saw.

An interior of a pagoda.

Another interior of an all wooden temple. The monks are just statues.

Lastly we walked up to the middle of the land where the main temple is situated. You can easily spot the main pagoda as it is the tallest among all. It was raining that's why you don't see much crowd.

There are many floors in the main temple. The ground floor was the most crowded.

Reached the top!

Next stop was cashew nut factory where we get to see the process of making cashew nut traditionally and the industrial way as well as tasting each flavour ranging from original to BBQ to wasabi. My favourite was the onion cream flavour.

This is a shelling process to remove the shell from the nut. One of the flavours we bought was Nori. Highly recommended this flavour.

After the visit to cashew nut factory we stopped by Wang Talang, a jewelery center. It is very common for tour guides to bring you to such outlets as they will gain commission from your purchase.

Thai people are very religious. They have altar even in shops and factories. When I first visited Bangkok, I was shocked to find out the famous four-faced Buddha that my mum prayed yearly located right next to a shopping mall in the middle of the city instead of some peaceful countryside.

Resting on the couch after jewelery shopping. We just bought some cheap souvenirs such as keychains.

It's shopping time!

This was the garden of Central Festival. Yes its original structure is circular, not the effect of my fisheye lens.

Thai McDonald pose.

Last stop for the day was Patong Beach, the most happening area in the island.

Changing into my beachwear.

 It wasn't a good day for suntan as the sky was gloomy.

Nothing much on the beach as we were given an hour in this area only. I hope to explore this place again with free and easy schedule. There will be a next time. Walk around the street. There are many pubs, restaurants, massage parlour and other entertainment shops.

The sun is setting, time to go.

Drugs free...yeah right, especially you are in a nation called Thailand. (sarcastic mode)

Spot some famous places we might visit next time such as Jungceylon, Fantasea and Simon Cabaret.

For dinner, we were served about 5 Chinese cuisine and a herbal soup at Ocean Palace restaurant. No photos were taken at that time because hubby did not bring camera and food photography "disease" back then was not as severe as now. Let's have a goodnight rest and explore Krabi next!

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