Friday, September 9, 2016

Review: Zalora for men in under RM100

Hello fashionistas!

It's known to all that men's clothing costs more than women's even for a simple T-shirt. Check out how did I manage to buy 3 items for hubby within RM100.If you are interested to find out how I spend RM1200 on Zalora you may click here.

Unlike the Sunsilk Invite Ready Grand Prize of RM1200 which sums up original prices, this normal voucher calculates based on discounted prices so all the prices below are after discount. Do note some links might be broken as they sold out very quickly.

Finally arrived. I wasn't very fond of the courier they assigned. Sometimes when a good postman delivers he will call you up beforehand. And sometimes you can't even see the tip of the nose when the system displayed sent out.

And here's an extra that I ordered for myself since the total has to exceed RM100 in order to use the voucher.

Just a precaution if you have any Zalora voucher due to the weird payment system. Initially I ordered 3 items with a total of RM99. The RM100 voucher won't work if your total does not exceed RM100 so I added a dress worth RM25 expecting to pay an extra RM24. It should be free shipping as the website states "Free delivery above RM75". Even so the normal delivery charge is RM5 and I never order anything that does not state "Sold by Zalora". But how I ended up paying RM32 is a mystery and this isn't the first time. I have been silent all the while.

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