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Pokémon Go for beginners

Update Nov 2016: There has been so many updates lately such as daily bonus, no more stealing gym, training rules and many more. Below are just the basics and if you feel some tips does not apply anymore it's probably they have updated.

Wasup gamers!

Can't believe I'm writing a separate article about Pokémon Go again. Seems like this game has got me hooked now. Anyway if you wanna know how Pokémon"ruined" our lives you can click here. I could see the effect taking over day by day. Drivers holding steering with right hand while the left hand holds cellphone. Pedestrians crossing streets with eyes on their phones which are connected to power bank. Dear trainers, the app has vibrate function so that you don't always have to keep an eye on screen. Stay safe ok. We don't want to give a bad name to our childhood game too.

Anyway my topic today is to share what I understand about the game. I don't have much knowledge so please correct me if I'm wrong for I'm just a noobie.

Pokémon Center

Just for heads up in some screenshots below, my character and name may appear to be a male coz don't know why GPS failed to detect location when my GPS is working fine with other apps so I had to play using hubby's phone and existing account. Bear in mind you can't change your display name more than once. UPDATE: I can finally play on my phone. All you need to do is make sure to turn off mock location in settings. No idea why I turned on last time.

Before you start, you need to have Data Plan and GPS for the game to work. Both of these functions drain out battery fast so prepare a full power bank. Here are a few basic stuff to get you started. It's kinda like my version of Pokémon Go for Dummy. 


Install Pokémon Go from App Store or Play Store

Gotta catch 'em all!

 The Pokemon story...

Choose your avatar

Catch your first Pokémon.

To make your life easier, wait till you click on a wild Pokemon and tap the slider on top right to turn augmented reality (AR) mode off. It's easier to catch without the live view.

 STEP 3 

Go out and level up!


For medicine you will be given Potion, Super Potion and Hyper Potion for level 5 and above when you are ready for training. Revive is used when your Pokemon has fainted.

You'll get Max Potion once you reached level 25.

By default you will be provided basic Pokéball. Great Ball might come by as you level up. Ultra Ball (best capture rate) can be collected at Pokestops when you reached level 20. Razz Berry makes it easier to catch on your next throw.

Lucky Egg lasts for 30mins and its function is to earn double XP. Since they are available in small amount unless you purchase in shop, you need preparation before deploying a Lucky Egg. Get ready as much Pokemon as possible to evolve and go to area that has lots of Pokestop with lots of Lure. Within that 30mins evolve all your designated Pokemon, catch lots of Pokemon and spin the PokeStops as many times as you can then whatever XP earned is double. Incense is personal lure to attract Pokémon that lasts 30mins and Lure is public lure to be placed on PokéStop and lasts for 30mins too.

Egg Incubator with infinity usage will also be given by default. As you level up, 3-day Egg Incubator will be given.

Petals represent that the pokestop has Lure while the purple gas around trainer is Incense. My house has occasional sightings of Dragonite which is supposed to be rare and powerful thanks to some hardcore trainers in my area.

PokéStop is a place to collect items and XP that can be found mostly at shrines, temples, mosques, statues, monuments etc.

When the PokéStop is blue disc means you can spin to get items. If your bag is full you can still get XP after you spin.

When the disc turns purple it means you have to wait another 5 minutes. 

When PokéStop is a small cube means you are too faraway. Normally your reachable range will be within 100m but due to flaws you sometimes need to be as close as 10m from the spot.


Before battling in a gym, you need to pledge to a team: Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue) or Valor (red). From my observation majority are Valor and Mystic.


Virtual workout here lol. You need to be at least level 5 to be able to train in a gym. After enrolling in a team you can join a gym of the same colour. Initially there will be 3 slots. Once joined you must assign a Pokemon to defend your gym.

Prestige is how a gym’s progress is measured. Prestige is earned when Pokémon trains at the gym. As your gym fends off opponents, more slots will be available.

My Mr. Mime assigned to a gym. I'm so proud of it ;)

Challengers must defeat all of the Pokémon trainers in a gym and reduce its prestige to zero for it to be taken over.


After capturing a new Pokemon, it will be registered into your Pokedex. It is to keep track what type of Pokemon you have.

The original list has a total of 151 Pokemon. We still have a long way to go.

Pokemon Inventory

This function shows you how many Pokemon you have regardless of the same type. By default, you are given 250 storage space. To clear your space you can transfer some Pokemon to the Professor to be converted to candy. The # icon enables you to arrange how you want to view your collection.


Candy is used to evolve your Pokemon and power up by increasing combat points. Every Pokemon has their own candy receptive to that one kind. Each evolution needs different amount of candy. Example: Pidgey → requires 25 Pidgey candy → Pidgeotto →  requires 50 Pidgey candy → Pidgeot.

To collect candy of a particular Pokemon, transfer Pokemon of the same type to the Professor. Hatching an egg can give you up to 35 candy.


Stardust can be collected by capturing wild Pokemon and hatching eggs. Unlike Candy which is used to power up and evolve a Pokemon specific to its evolution line, Stardust can be used to power up any captured Pokémon. You can get Stardust by hatching egg or catching Pokemon.

Combat Power (CP)

A Pokemon's attack strength is measured by Combat Points. Each Pokemon is assigned CP at capture which indicates how well that Pokemon will perform in battle. Not all of the same Pokemon type have the same CP. As you gain XP and become a higher level trainer, the CP of the Pokémon you capture will generally be higher. Some common one like Rattata, Pidgey and Weedle will always have low CP.

Hit Point (HP)

A Pokemon's health is measured in Hit Point. All Pokémon start out with full HP at capture, but HP can be depleted during battle and increase when you power up.

Experience (XP)

Your advancement is measured in Experience Points. Increase your XP to level up. XP is usually obtained after you spin a PokeStop or successfully caught a Pokemon.

You can double up your XP using Lucky Egg while evolving your Pokemon, collecting stuff from Pokestop, catching Pokemon, training in gym and anything that gives you XP. But do all that within 30 minutes.


Wild Pokemon will appear when you are near a PokeStop. You can click on the bottom right bar to see if there's any sightings. To catch one, all you have to do is click onto a wild Pokemon and flick  Pokeball using index finger towards the Pokémon.

You can also curve your Pokeball by swirling it before flicking for extra 10 XP. Wait for the target ring to shrink to smallest diameter for greater chance.

Target ring that appears around a wild Pokemon defines the chances of Pokemon staying inside Pokeball once caught; green (100%), yellow (75%), orange (50%) and red (25%).

If you face difficulty in catching, feed the stubborn fella with Razz Berry by clicking the bag icon and select your desired Razz Berry. Then catch with Great Ball /Ultra Ball by clicking bag icon again and select your desired Pokeball.

My first Dragonite only CP831 was caught during low level and I've wasted nearly a hundred balls. As your level goes higher it gets easier and wild Pokemon with high CP like this cutie might appear to you.

Hatching Egg

Eggs can be acquired when you click a PokeStop. Inventory can hold up to 9 eggs. 

Use Egg Incubator to hatch an egg. 

If you feel pic is blur just click it for clearer view. Distance needed to walk to hatch an egg varies in 2km, 5km and 10km. The further the distance the rarer your Pokemon will be. Don't try to cheat by getting on a car because speed above 20km/h will not be counted. You can try on a bicycle or bus tho.

When you see "Oh?" click it and the egg will hatch. 


Some base Pokemon can evolve 1 or 2 stage and some rare ones can't evolve at all. There are a few aspects to consider when you want to evolve like CP, HP, candy and stardust. Kinda complicated and requires strategy.

For example you want to evolve a Magikarp, it needs effing 400 candy. Transfer low CP Magikarp to obtain Magikarp candy. Your base form Magikarp will give you 3 candy and a transfer will earn you extra 1 candy. Don't transfer everything. Remember to leave two; one in base form for your Pokedex collection and another one to evolve.

Once you have collected enough candy Favourite a Magikarp with a star so that you won't accidentally transfer. Usually I like pick a high CP and low required stardust to evolve. You have to collect stardust by training in a gym. Candy and stardust can also be obtained from hatching an egg.

Before evolving Eevee you can change its name to get your desired Pokemon or remain and let it randomly evolve.

Rename to Sparky to get Jolteon, Rainer to get Vaporeon and Pyro for Flareon. 

Sparky, Rainer and Flareon are Eevee brothers in the original anime.

If you encounter a friendly gym (same team), you can help to improve the gym’s Prestige by sending one Pokémon to train against its members. You’ll gain XP as your Pokémon trains and as the gym’s prestige increases through training, more slots can be opened to join and leave a Pokémon to defend the gym.

If you encounter a gym occupied by different team, click to see how much is their CP, how many level the gym has and how much is the Prestige. Then choose 6 of your strongest Pokemon.

Element types are an important factor in gym battles as well. Water extinguishes fire, fire melts ice, etc. These advantages should be taken into consideration when sizing up your competition in advance, as it will impact your effectiveness in battle.

To perform a basic attack, simply tap on your opponent’s Pokémon. As you continue to tap and attack, a blue bar will begin to fill up beside your Pokémon’s CP.

When the blue bar is fully charged, tap and hold to unleash your special attack. Keep an eye on the enemy Pokémon and prepare to swipe left or right to dodge incoming attacks as well.

Continue tapping vigorously to attack. When a Pokémon faints, it will be replaced with the next Pokémon. Healing Pokémon can only be done outside of battle. Use Potion and Revive if necessary.

You will win a battle when Prestige reaches zero. Successful defeat of one opponent reduces Prestige by 2000.

Immediately claim the gym by clicking an icon on the bottom left. It happens so fast that I could not print screen for you to see. Your claimed place might not last long so heal your Pokemon once again when it's defeated by another trainer. Click Items then Revive or Potion to see if you have any Pokemon that needs healing.

Collect your Defender bonus at Shop by clicking Collect Now on top right. Each win will be rewarded with XP, Stardust and Pokecoins.

Pokecoins can be used to purchase items. However you can only collect Pokecoins once every 21 hours if you successfully defend a gym.

One tip is you don't have to battle in gym all the time. Sometimes I would wait for a battle to be over and simply place a random Pokemon just to get daily Defender bonus (Pokecoins and Stardust).

Once the gym turns white meaning unoccupied, quickly place any Pokemon before the winner does regardless what team. If the winner is same team he/she can still place Pokemon but if different team you have just pissed off the trainer. Did I just teach you how to troll? Lol! Btw the "arc" is a code that I type in the name for personal arrangement.

Base Values
There are three hidden stats that affect how strong your Pokemon is in gym battles beyond the Pokemon's CP rating; Attack, Defense and Stamina. Stamina affects HP which you can see but the Attack and Defense stats are otherwise hidden. You can insert values in the formula below from this list.

Base Attack = 2 * ( (Attack * Sp Attack ) ^ 0.5 + Speed ^ 0.5 ) )
Base Defense = 2 * ( ( Defense * Sp Defense ) ^ 0.5 + Speed ^ 0.5  ))
Base Stamina = 2 * HP

CP Multiplier (CPM)
There's a formula that calculates out your Pokémon's CP and how much CP it should gain every power up using Pokémon level, species, and IV. Every level also has a corresponding constant CPM value. When you first catch a Pokemon, it will have a base CP value that corresponds to that level. As it levels up from powering up, the CP will continue to match the correct values for each level.

CPM = base CP + additional CP

Individual Values (IV)
Each Pokemon has its own set of hidden values that affect its potential for attack, defense and stamina called Individual Values (IV) and range from 0 to 15. Hatched Pokémon appear to have higher IV on average. IVs are what make each Pokemon unique and why your friend's Pokemon of the same type is way better than yours even though you're both the same level so use IV calculator before you evolve a Pokémon. Stamina below is shown to the player in the form of HP. CPM is a constant value you can refer to the list of CPM by level.
Attack = (Base Attack + Individual Attack) * CPM
Defense = (Base Defense + Individual Defense) * CPM
Stamina = (Base Stamina + Individual Stamina) * CPM

Or simply determine what your Pokemon's IVs are by using Pokemon Go IV Calculator.

Take for example these 2 Magikarp. The 2nd one has a slightly higher CP but lower HP and needs more Stardust to power up. By using the IV calculator the result shows that the 1st one has IV of 93% while 2nd one 80% so I choose to evolve the 1st one.

That's all my amateur understanding of how Pokémon Go works. What else have I missed? Feel free to share in the comment if you have more tips and I will update this post. Thank you and have fun catch em' all!


  1. Alamak , rajinnya update pasal Pokemon Go hahaha. I'm team team mystic, level 16. Too busy with work nowadays, tak sempat nak level up =(

    1. Hi radin,
      Ahaks sometimes ade prntscrn tunjuk kat member so got idea kumpul sume gambaq tulih blog. Main pun waktu mlm n weekend je. Skg dah boring ckit

  2. You can occupy up to 10 gyms to collect 100 coins every 21hours.

    1. Hi Neoh,
      So far I can't collect more than 10coins in 21 hrs coz once I pressed "collect" the timer starts ticking. But someone said in order to collect 100coins, once u won a gym, dun collect yet, go to next gym n fight.. Win again, dun collect.. Wait till u won 10 gym.. 1 shot collect all.. With 1 condition, all 10 gym u stand, no people fight u down..however this is almost impossible as it is hard to stand in a gym for so long


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