Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Fujifilm X-perience: Preview of X-T10

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Finally found time to blog again. This time I will share my experience on a Fujifilm event I attended last week. The event was held at Dataran Underground at Kuala Lumpur on 3rd June and Royale Bintang Hotel, Penang on 5th June. I attended the one in Penang from 2:30pm til 8:30pm. All these photos were taken with my trusty phone coz I didn't bring out my camera due to different brand.

Unveiling the Fujifilm X-T10.

 Upon arrival headed to registration counter, collect goodie bag and served some refreshments.

Hubby (Keong Da'Great) posing with one of the displayed photos taken by Fujifilm X-series. He is an experienced landscape and event photographer so do follow the link if you want to consult him. He charges a lot cheaper than market because photography is just his part-time job and he is freelance.

 Yours truly badly imitating a pose on the portrait taken by our local Penangnite speaker, Andrew Koe.

 Among the freebies are a recycle bag, notebook, calendar, T-shirt, bag strap and 8GB SD card.

 Booklets on the X-series.

 Guests testing out some lens.

I feel that Fujifilm X-T10 has a very robust body and cute compact size suitable for traveling which I love very much. The photos turned out bright and crisp even though the hall was very dark with messed up tone at that time. There weren't much noise in the outcome. Seriously, I would really consider ordering and mind you I wasn't paid to say this.

A booth for you to print your photos.

Direct printing without edit. See how good the pictures turned out despite zero edit.

 Interested? Head on to your nearest Fujifilm office to try out.


How to order?

 The event started with an introduction speech by Fujifilm Malaysia's marketing manager.

Followed by introduction to fujifilm and the x-series by Mr. Keitaro So. Basically he explained about the performance, usability, features of the new x-series, services, mirrorless technology and many more.

 I sat right next to this awesome gallery.

Somewhere in between a dancer performed to demo the X-T10 in speed capture. Actually they hired two girls and this one just performed under a minute while the other one just sat in front for the first half of the session. What a waste of resources.

Next speaker was our very own local photographer, Andrew Koe. He is a well experienced wedding and event photographer but his number one will always be street photography. He explained why he chose Fujifilm and sold all of his previous gears. His setting is usually monochromatic low saturation. He also shared some of his spontaneous single shot moment.

We had teabreak at almost 3pm. I disliked the mung bean soup because they were undercooked making the beans hard. The rest were just fine.

 With my husband's colleagues.

Last but not least is the honourable guest, Elia Locardi. Be prepared to be inspired. Elia talked about being location independent which means living nomad because he and his wife has to travel all the time giving talks, doing photography tour and many more which is glamorous to all of us.

 OMG! I have taken similar angle as this.

This was Yasaka no To pagoda (Hokan-ji) somewhere below Kiyomizudera towards Yasaka shrine taken during my trip to Japan in September 2013. Such a pretty wallpaper! If there is one country I would return to it's definitely gonna be Japan.

Before concluding the sharing session, Elia gave a tutorial on post processing using Adobe Lightroom. Be sure to check out his website and dreamphototours.com

We didn't attend the photowalk session but instead we went for dinner coz too hungry lol.

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