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Review: ROSIE AND DOGS boarding, grooming and training

Dear readers,

As you all know I just visited Macau recently so where do I board my pets? Let me share with you my testimony. My mum and dad takes care of my Persian cat, Angel whenever my husband ad I go on vacation because he is very passive and does not require much attention. On the other hand I have a very active uncontrollable Shih Tzu - Pinscher mix which I adopted through a friend. My mum suggested I should contact Auntie Rosie, a long time family friend who has groomed and provided boarding service to Bruno, my other dog who stays with my parents.

A walk with Benji

Rosie Lim (I call her Auntie Rosie since I was young so the name got stuck, sorry!) has Australian certificate for dog grooming as well as training. She is based in Penang and provides these 3 services: boarding, grooming and training all at the comfort of her home. She mostly specializes in small breeds. We have been her customer since early 2000s so can say she has more than 10 years experience in this industry already.

Naughty Benji nibbling Angel the cat

Let me tell you a bit of my puppy. His name is Benji and he will be 6 months by 22nd February 2015. We adopted him when he was 2 months old. He pees everywhere even as soon as you see him or bringing him out of his cage. He never poops in designated area unless we show him. He barks at 6am every morning or whenever he is bored. He could run around the house like mad and play with my cat roughly but the definition of play for my cat is different. He bites our hands and legs when he gets excited. Therefore we have to call our local "Dog Whisperer" Rosie Lim for help.

You can see Benji is trying to play with others but they don't like it.

We sent Benji for the 3 in 1 package (boarding, training and grooming)  from 1st till 6th February so time is limited for training and we didn't expect much outcome. To our surprise, when we collected Benji he is so well behaved and displays all the training we wanted. He has changed into a new leaf. We should have sent him earlier while we were on 2 weeks honeymoon to Europe last December. Rosie advised that continuous training is much needed to constantly remind him. Overall I am very satisfied now and could have a peace of mind when typing this while he plays in the hall by his own.





  • Well groomed Benji (bathed and groomed 2 times)

  • Knows how to go to paper and pee by himself
 Photo from Rosie Lim
  • Knows how to go to paper and poop but still need assistance as the training is only 6 days
  • Knows how to sit and wait patiently for food
  • Knows how to fetch his toy and give to you
  • Does not simply disturb other animals who are sitting quietly (Rosie has 3 obedient Shih Tzus of her own so they are training him as well)
  • Able to high five, low five and give ten by standing up on two feet
  • Most of all is able to stop being chaotic when you raise your hand
I'm not a good trainer so I look clumsy here

Hubby trains his patience

Facebook: ROSIE AND DOGS ( )
Do add her to view sample training videos
Mobile: You may PM her in Facebook to request her contact

Training: Depending on how aggressive, what training required, number of days etc. but it is very affordable and negotiable according to your budget 
Grooming: Depending on length, thickness and messiness of hair but I assure you it's a standard price like all grooming centers
Mention my name Alicia Boey and you might get special rates *winks*

  • Before sending please make sure your dog is TICK FREE and DISEASE FREE as she wants to keep the environment clean for other customers as well.
 Photos from Rosie Lim
  • As a dog lover herself she does NOT resort to beating when it comes to training. You can see from her pictures she also does not chain dogs while grooming. Correct technique of your tone and your own attitude is part of the method that's why we call her the "Dog Whisperer".


  1. Benji was staying with us for more than 2 weeks when Alicia and Keong went on their Euro tour.And it was havoc for us as the puppy was hyperactive and not house trained.But now with only just 6 days of boarding cum training with Rosie Lim,Benji is a very different puppy.He is now house trained to wee/poo on newspapers and follow some basic instructions.But most importantly he is well behaved now.Mind you,he is still hyperactive but controllable with the instructions taught by Rosie.So our grateful and heartfelt thanks to Rosie.

  2. Amazing that Benji was able to reach his potential of being a well trained dog. Auntie Rosie was able to see Benji as the budding, obedient puppy she knew he could be. It is probably because of her love for dogs, since she has made a career out of it. Hopefully she was able to pass on her tips of training to Potato Queen!

    Ashley Ziegler @ SF Hound Lounge

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for dropping by. Benji is now an obedient dog though he is still very much active. Rosie is indeed a very good trainer.

  3. can you give me the contact of Rosie Lim? vause i couldn't find her in facebook

    1. Hi Caryn,
      That's very funny because I attached her link in almost all of her name in this article. You can click into any one of them and works fine. Just send her a message and she will give you her contact number in private. Alternately, you can look for "Rosie and Dogs" in fb too

  4. Interesting post. Benji is cute and obedient.

    1. Hi K9academy,
      Thank you for dropping by. Haha Benji is abit naughty these days. Must send for classes to refresh him

  5. Hi can I get aunty Rosie contact number

    1. Hi presanna, you can pm for her directly on her Facebook:


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