Monday, November 3, 2014

Canon PhotoMarathon Malaysia 2014 - Penang

OMG! We were so looking forward for Canon PhotoMarathon in Penang this year. The last time this event held in Penang was in 2010 that's like 4 effing years similar to World Cup, Olympics and many other major sport events. This year was held at Gurney Paragon on November 18th (Saturday).

Registration Fees
RM15 for Canon members
RM30 for non-members
RM50 for non-Canon body/ registration on the spot

Being an avid photographer my husband who is well-known as Keong Da'Great in Facebook was so stoked for this. However he paid RM30 for me instead of RM15 only coz I'm a non-member. In order to become a member, you have to purchase a Canon product from an official Canon store then get the cashier to register your product and you will automatically become a member.

The time for you to shoot is extremely long that's 3 effing hours per theme! So what we did was hunt for photos for only 10-15 minutes then submit then hangout and snack at the foodcourt, JustFood and Caffe Bene. We also slept for an average of 1.5 hours for each theme at the quiet corner of the foodcourt. Hubby said he entered both of us just to spend the whole day paktor-ing with me. That's so sweet!


 Just hubby and me

 After registration, participants gather to listen to speech and regulations.

Theme Announcement
We went to Gurney Plaza to capture most of our photos. Some even went to the graveyard, Esplanade, Beach Street and Little India but being lazy we couldn't be bothered much.
Theme 1
Green Cities - The eco friendly side of a city

My submission for Theme 1. I know I made a mistake here coz didn't notice the motorcycles. The pic would have been better if there were bicycles.

Hubby's submission for Theme 1. It's pretty but amateur-ish coz a picture similar to this won in the junior category.
Theme 2
Celebration - The feeling when you find something with joy

My submission for Theme 2 really captured the moment of joy.

Hubby's submission for Theme 2. The heart frames so well.

Theme 3
Seasonal - What can only be found in a particular time

My submission for Theme 3 which I think it's my best shot of the day.

Hubby's submission for Theme 3. I love the vibrant colours and makeup.

The Winners
You can view the winning photos here.
The only disappointment here is how we interpreted the themes. It appears that the judges only read the title and not the elaboration. We interpreted Theme 2 as a celebration and moment of joy when one receives something but the winning photos are anything associated with lights and Deepavali. We interpreted Theme 3 as a season of celebration that is Deepavali but the judges interpreted as the raining season. Whatever lah we just joined for fun.

Behind The Scenes
 Whoops! Hair covered my face.


Happy Diwali from G Hotel

Test shot while waiting for performance

Macam pro tapi bukan

We collected our certs at the counter around 5:30pm

Another favourite restaurant in Paragon

Goodie Bag
Each participant was given a goodie bag that contains a 6" subway sandwich, drinking water, Cadbury mini bars, snacks and loads of food vouchers. We ate the subway immediately for lunch coz we were too hungry. We spent the RM10 x 2 voucher at Relish for dinner and only paid RM20 for the whole meal for two persons. The waiter was kind enough to give us free signature durian pancake to try. We also went up and down numerous times to the foodcourt to eat and sleep lol.

We ate and spent half of the goodies already

Yummy thirst quencher on a sunny day but expensive

Dinner at Relish and could listen to the lucky draw announcement made downstairs.

It's a nice place but food was so so nia.

My Nyonya laksa

Hubby's scrumptious signature nasi lemak.

Our free durian pancake. You can get a free one too when you spend RM20 above on a single receipt.
Here's a video of the highlights to conclude this event.


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