Monday, March 5, 2018

Hong Kong: Itinerary and Budget

Hey wanderlusts!

We finally meet again after a long hiatus. There has been a turmoil in my life recently and I felt like giving up. Nope I haven't reached to the point of suicide. At least not yet. Good news is we unexpectedly purchased another home but that also means we had to cut our spending to the max. Anyway to start fresh in 2018 hubby and I decided to go on a budget trip to Hong Kong for our 5th wedding anniversary as well as experiencing Lunar New Year at the happening city. We were supposed to countdown for New Year in Hong Kong but most hotels were fully booked or doubled the price so it wasn't worth it. 

Bear in mind this isn't exactly a backpacker's trip but if you really want to spend below RM2k it is possible with budget airlines and hostels.


Day 1
10:05am PEN to HKG 
 2:30pm Arrive HK
 4:30pm Check in Eaton Hotel
 5:00pm Garden of Stars
6:00pm Avenue of Stars
8:00pm Laser show

8:15pm 1881 Heritage
9:10pm Tsui Wah (opposite hotel)

Day 2 
7:30am Wake up
8:30am Australian Dairy Co

 10:50am Disneyland 
 1:00pm Turkey leg, grilled squid, light saber churro
 4:00pm Flights of Fantasy parade
8:30pm Paint the Night parade
9:30pm Ladies Street night market

Day 3
7:30am Wake up
9:20am Star Ferry to Central
9:40am Tsui Wah (Des Voeux road)

 11:50am Yung Kee roast goose 
12:30pm Walk around Lan Kwai Fong
2:00pm Meet up Klook tourguide
 3:30pm Madame Tussauds Wax Museum 
 4:30pm Kala Toast
7:00pm Sunset at Sky Terrace

8:30pm Bubba Gump

Day 4
8:00am Wake up 

9:00am Yee Shun milk pudding
10:30am Ngong Ping 360 cable car
11:50am Ngong Ping Village
12:30pm Zen Noodle Cafe
12:30pm Tian Tan Buddha
2:30pm Po Lin monastery
7:30pm Dim Sum
8:30pm Temple Street night market

Day 5 
8:00am Wake up
8:30am Tsui Wah (opposite hotel)

11:00am Check out 
3:10pm HKG to PEN 
6:55pm Arrive PIA 


Hong Kong in February is literally winter but the cold is tolerable. We had experienced Macau weather in February as well so its between 16°C - 20°C. A normal jacket and moisturizer will do.

As in February 2018
HK$1 = RM0.50 

Below are the costs for 2 persons (not included food) and converted to RM for easier calculation. As for attractions,  we bought tickets from Klook so the pricing may differ all the time. 

Cathay Dragon
Flight + baggage + tax & fuel = RM2482.76


Eaton Hotel (executive room 4 nights) = HK$3570 = RM1837

No Sim card needed cause Eaton loans a FREE phone with WiFi and international calls that you can bring anywhere!

Octopus Card
Deposit HK$50 + HK$150 x 2 persons = RM200

Star Ferry
HK$3.40 x 2 persons one way = RM3.50

Food (not included in budget)
Day 1: RM50 voucher from Cathay due to delay

Day 2: Australian Dairy Co = HK$72
 Day 3: Tsui Wah (Des Voeux) = HK$48
Day 4: Yee Shun milk pudding = HK$63
Day 5: Tsui Wah (Yau Ma Tei) =HK$69

Day 1:
Meals on board
Day 2: Disneyland turkey leg + squid + churro = HK$172
Day 3: Yung Kee roast goose = HK$375
Day 4: Zen Ramen Cafe = HK$240
Day 5: Meals on board


Day 3: Kala Toast = HK$124

Day 1:
Tsui Wah (Yau Ma Tei) = HK$145
Day 2: Ladies Street night market
Day 3: Bubba Gump = HK$488
Day 4: Dim Sum = HK$209

Attraction Fees
 Price below is for ONE ticket.

Disneyland = RM225
The Peak 3 in 1 package (tram + Madame Tussaud museum + sky terrace) = RM157
Ngong Ping 360 crystal cabin round trip = RM113

Grand total cost would be approx RM2756.63 per person. 

Happy Holidays and enjoy the video below!


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