Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: EKEN H8R 4K Action Camera

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored or requested but based on my personal review.

Hello again, fellow readers!

Few years back I did a review on SJ4000 Waterproof HD ActionCam. The photos weren't great and they seemed to be bluish and needed editing all the time. So hubby decided to sell it and bought EKEN H8R 4K Action Camera. There's another model which is H9R but quality wise almost the same as SJCam.

He chose silver just like the SJ4000. I'm a noob when it comes to tech savvy so he chooses all gadgets for me. Oh btw he also gave me a Sony A5000 as an early birthday present. Should I do a review?

Similar packaging as SJCam but comes with a remote. A clear waterproof case comes with the camera so you don't have to purchase a casing separately.

List of functions and standard features.

Source from DH Gate

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And the unboxing begins...

Here are the accessories given. The one with red button is remote.

Source from

This is not my video but you will find it useful as it teaches you how to manipulate, connect to your smartphone etc.

1. Cheap
2. Small
3. Colourful
4. Wide angle
5. Comes with waterproof casing
6. Ultra HD 4K video quality
6. Bright and vivid photo quality
7. Dual screen available for live viewing
8. Easy file transfer
9. WiFi enables sync with smartphone
10. Remote control and timer

1.Bad outcome with direct light
2. Clouds will appear like raining
3. Reddish flare
4. No stabilizer
5. No RAW file
6. Small size photos (4 megapixels)
7. Sharp but full of noise
8. There is a reason why cheaper than my SJ4000. That you need to ask the seller. If you see the accessories you will notice something missing and it's missing for a purpose.
China brand ma.

I'm comparing this with my previous SJ4000

1. It has remote control shutter
2. It has so called 4K display
3. H8R cheaper than SJ4000
4. It has dual screen display for selfie.
5. Better quality photo and video than SJ4000


Colourful Options
Source from Kasih Store


Where to buy? 
Facebook:  SJ4000 Malaysia
(yup, it's the same trusted seller as my SJ4000)

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