Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Photobook Malaysia new packaging

Hello my dear readers!

I just received my 2 photobooks from Photobook Malaysia. Gosh, their delivery has become faster and faster. I placed my order at night and the next day already printed and sent for delivery. I only waited like 2.5days for the books to arrive. So efficient!

This time I ordered two 6" x 6" 40 page mini square softcover photobooks worth RM79 each for Bali trip and in memory of my late cat. You can see my previous review for sample prints of other sizes.

What's different from my previous orders is the packaging. Last time there's only a corrugated cardboard wrapped around the book but this time they included a cardboard envelope which makes it look more professional.

With two more added to the collection, now I have 9 mini photobooks. One more is at my parent's home.

Shipment is RM8 per book no combined shipping.

Printing may come out a bit darker so one option is you can click on the auto-enhance button in the Photobook software. The auto-enhance may look brighter on your screen but will result in normal print.

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If you missed out the due date, don't worry. Just subscribe to Photobook Malaysia coz they will keep you posted for free books and offers.

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