Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 OOTD and update

Gong Xi Fa Cai, peeps!

A very happy and prosperous goat year to all of you. Sorry for missing in action for a few weeks due to CNY prep. I promise to give you full details of my Dream Trip to Macau very soon but first a quick update on my CNY 2015 experience and OOTD and loads of food.

Dress: Lebeaute
Bag: Gift from mum from Shanghai
Accessories: MuWo Trendz Swarovski

They gave me this cute ladybug cupcake at the new year bazaar.

Dress: Acewin at Queensbay Mall
Sandals: Clarks

Big thanks to my aunt for the shoes.

Top: Arime
Bottom: Acewin at Queensbay Mall
Shades: Phatculture

 So sweet of them to giveaway freebies. What a lovely notebook and calendar.

Thanks for the discount voucher.

Love the JC baby pink necklace. So pretty!

Towards the end of CNY

This was taken on March 4th, 1 day before Cap Goh Mei. I look horrible coz I cried whole day whole night. The tiny plant is my cat's grave. It was so unexpected. He was only ngam ngam 3 years old on March.

 So fluffy and cute.

A day before CNY (30th night)
 The ingredients...yeah, I'm cooking! Being amateur I prepared way earlier before the reunion dinner. This was taken a week beforehand.

Cooking 6 dishes for 5 person: hubby, his parents, his lil bro and me. My parents had their own reunion at Sungai Petani.

 Time's up! The female iron chef has completed her challenge.

 My version of Buddha's Delight caught most of the attention though not the main dish.

My herbal steamed fish won my mother-in-law's heart. She told me she could never get rid of fishy smell and pull of the sauce.

Steamed lap cheong in wine (Chinese cured meat) won my father-in-law's heart though a bit too salty. I got this recipe from auntie on my dad's side and she used Brandy.

Asam prawns lack of sourness from the asam. Nevertheless the prawns were super fresh and everyone loved the sauce. I loved this dish the most compared to the rest.

 Claypot egg tofu with minced meat and mixed veggie. Both parents-in-law loves this too.

 Jiuhu Char (stir fried jicama) is actually my main but it didn't work well coz it's my first time cooking this. Brought some home to SP and my parents love it.

 So leave a comment on whether you like me to share the recipes.

DAY 1 at in law's and temple hoping
 Never leave without a selfie.

 Lunch at hubby's auntie's place.

DAY 2 balik kampung with the furkids
 Usually we don't bring both of them together outstation. It was tough to handle.

 Hubby nak OOTD jugak. That ah long bag was actually full of angpows lol.

Reunion with my parents, hubby, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Mum made poon choy for the first time and the soup was so delicious. Nothing beats mother's cooking. I don't really like the chun pneah tho ;P

DAY 3 pray to grandma
My grandma passed away on 3rd day of CNY in 2013 just 1 month before my wedding which is heartbreakig coz she was the one who took care of me my whole childhood.

 Lunchtime with leftovers, shrimp fritters and tom yam.

Pls ignore my overly comfortable homey look. I was giving angpow to Bruno my first dog and Jaguar the cat which my parents rescued from the drain when he was a kitten.

DAY 4 with hot air balloon

Let me tell you a bit about this event organized by our state government. It is held for the first time in Georgetown but I remember in the early 1990s it was held before in Esplanade. I was about 3 yrs old. So on 22nd Feb I visited Padang Polo at 10am and to my dismay no hot air balloon to be seen. Then my husband and I decided to watch a movie at TGV Gurney Paragon. 4:30pm we went again and not a single balloon taken out for cold infusion. At night about 7pm  there were only 4 balloons out for tethered ride. 

Those 3D ne like dragon, humpty dumpty and Darth Vader were only available at 7:30am wtf! Moreover the field is right in front of our general hospital. And you guessed it...massive traffic jam. It is a successful event for the organizers due to overwhelming response but a failure to hopefuls like me. I pity those who came from outstation and found nothing but a row of food stalls throughout the day.

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