Friday, August 29, 2014

Japan: Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Other than Disneyland I'm sure you have heard of Universal Studios. There are 4 Universal Studios around the world; Florida (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Osaka (Japan) and latest one in Singapore. I have explained a little about the theme park in my overview post. It is very easy to get there just take JR on the Osaka loop line (counterclockwise) and interchange at Nishi-kujo station to Sakurajima line and get down at Universal City station. Normal admission rate is ¥6,980 for the 1 day while the 2-day pass costs ¥10,871. Children and senior citizens have lesser rate so do check out here.

We went during Halloween so you will see Trick or Treat theme everywhere. The Starlight Parade was replaced by zombies which was kinda disappointing for us. Instead of parading or dancing (well they did a dance for only 5 minutes) there were just about 5 - 8 fully costumed zombies chasing everyone.

Train to Universal City is so cute!

As you walk out from the station you will see this. Mostly fast food restaurants and cafes.

Grand entrance to ticket counters.

Don't miss to pose in front of the iconic rotating globe.

Got our tickets, receipt and map.

So here is the map with the stops that we went. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was still under construction at that time so if you plan to go now you are lucky.

The new park is located between Waterworld, Amity Village and Wonderland.

Let's enter!

Met this cute Sesame Street character whom I think her name is Zoe.

Zoe and me!

Hubby with Cookie Monster.

Hubby with Count Dracula.

My epic photobomb with Elmo.

Next stop is The Mummy museum. There were just exhibitions and creepy passageways inside.

Wall of fame of handprints.

Space Adventure is an indoor spinning roller coaster that replaced E.T. Adventure in 2009.

I heard there will be a life size mascot of this cute orange creature to take pictures with visitors but didn't see it on that day. Sigh.
Next was Cyberdyne Systems which is actually Terminator. The queue wasn't that long for this 5D ride but the introduction was damn long. The lady (I'm not sure villain or heroine) was speaking in Japanese and we couldn't understand a word. Then we went into a theater wearing 3D glasses and the show begins. You will get to feel the heat from fire and water will sprinkle down on you from time to time.

Super cute stage!

The part with this scene at USS, Singapore is much much better because the building structure was 3D. This background was a flat 2D.

This whole street look like Brooklyn.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is an indoor 3D ride. It is a pathway ride instead of just sitting in a theater with moving chairs but it is not fast like roller coaster.

Pose with the yellow cab.

There was a long queue to take pictures with the celeb Spidey.

 80s kid might remember this...Back to the future.

 Gosh 60 minutes of waiting time! We decided to skip this ride.

 The waiting time was very long for Jurassic Park but he ride was awesome and be prepared to get wet.

There was a walking brontosaurus outside of the ride. so cool! I took a video of it and posted on Insta.

There's a stall selling turkey drumstick with rootbeer or something like that. I remember these huge drumsticks were quite expensive.

Me and my churros. Next stop would be Waterworld.

Look at the crown behind us. The waiting time was fast though because the arena could accommodate lots of people.

The crash and plot and everything was exactly like the one I saw at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok when I was about 15. I wonder the zoo still operates this show or they have moved the production here or this is just like a chain.

Next, we came to the lakeside which has Amity village and all the river related stuff.

We will take a thrilling cruise ride with the Jaws.

Inside Amity Village.

The faux lakehouse were so cute.

No photos on the boat because the Jaws will come up in a sudden and splash all over you.

It's so Halloween!

My favourite part in USJ...everything here is so cute!

Hello Kitty cafe!

Pretend to sulk but actually he loves pink.

We went into a bow gallery. I have a bow on my head too!

Front part of the gallery.

Yours truly a diva.

Wheee! One is never too old for this.

Lots of Kitty's bow collection.

There will be a studio for you to take pictures with Hello Kitty herself.

After that we went to the cafe for some dessert because it was so hot outside.

The desserts and candies were so pretty!

Our blueberry and strawberry smoothie.

So cute!
Next we went to the only outdoor roller coaster called Hollywood Dream but did not ride because waiting time damn long and also we chickened out.

Zombie car. Everyone was peeping inside but actually there's nothing.

It's actually sort of a performance stage but I just went in like no one cares.

When it's around 6pm, sirens rang loudly and staffs dressed in white suits came out to catch random peole. Those random people were their own staffs of course.

Then zombies came out and chased everybody. Girls especially screamed and ran when the zombies chased them but I don't find them scary at all. Perhaps I spoiled the fun till some of the zombies were pissed off and refused to chase after me.

I would wanna audition for the next Halloween.

Beautiful night scene of USJ.

Goodbye to Universal Studios. We had such great fun.

Went outside to City Walk and ate dinner at my favourite fast food in Japan, MOS Burger.

 I was damn tired. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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