Friday, June 7, 2013

Taiwan: Day 4

This was one of the most exciting day because we got to cycle! So let the pictures take you on a journey and I will write lesser words but more info.

Morning view from our window.

Morning view of our minsu. Hubby made the bed before shooting this.

We got ready for breakfast.

 This Family Mart was just opposite our hotel building. We were given a coupon each.

 You get to choose a drink and a meal from the displayed list. We chose meat (BBQ chicken or pork or beef) wrapped in rice and egg. It was delicious!

From the same route to FE21 mall like the day before, we took the train to Gangshan South, the last station of the red line. You can refer to the map HERE. From the station, walk into a small nostalgic lane for 10minutes you will arrive at this pier.The one-way ticket to Cijin island was only NT15. It took 5 minutes from mainland to the island. This tiny island is also called Long Island of Kaohsiung due to its shape.

While waiting for our ferry. They come every 5 minutes.

 Nice and clean pier. Honestly this whole country is very clean.

 Off we go...

 In the ferry. Not much people.

Arrived at the pier.

I wonder who's head statue is this?

While waiting for our tourguides to negotiate about bicycle rental we took pictures.

This is an electric bicycle for lazy people like me. Rental for normal bicycles are about NT100 only and must return by 4pm which is before the sun goes down.

This quadruple pedal is fun! We wanted to rent this but it will be hard to move about and find parking.

Off we go! Wheee!

This was one of the paths we rode. You can feel the serenity here.

There's actually a lighthouse on top of the hill right behind me. If you got the time do climb up.

Our group with our bikes.

Next, we came to a shell museum. No pictures allowed inside.
Grecian architecture outside the museum made me wanna run like in the Olympics.

Next, we came to an electric windmill field just by the sea.

Up up and away!

 Silly me sat on a fish.

Silly hubby stepped on a shell.

 A large beachfront temple on our way to eat some seafood for lunch.

A newly built construction which I find unique and modern for such island.

We saw a huge seafood restaurant by the roadside towards the end of the island. Typical Chinese restaurants here are open air like in Malaysia unlike in Korea, Japan and other countries which have closed doors. Their dishes are ready cook and placed on the counter for you to choose like a buffet but still warm as they have lots of customers. There are a few missing dishes on the table like salmon because chef was still frying them. This meal shared by 12 only cost us NT130 per person! We were shocked and thought we heard wrongly. A word of advise is if you can't tolerate the smell of muddy drain, do not take bamboo shoots. 

 We parked our bicycles on this long deck.
 We came upon MOME maritime museum.

 Our minsu, the King Kong building!

 Aye aye captain!

 As soon as you come in you will see this. This is an interactive floor that can react when you touch or step on it. The function actually works based on your shadow. You can find this in our Petrosains too.

This place is full of ship models. We also watched a short movie about ancient history ships in Taiwan and captains and wars but I could not understand Chinese. Anyway, most of us dozed off.

 No caption needed as the raft already has a big caption.

After we returned our bicycles, we went back to Gushan ferry terminal. We did passed by the famous Tian Hou temple alongside a night market but at that time I did not know it's the signature temple of that island so no pictures taken. We were also late by a few minutes to return our bicycles because some of our members had a mishap.

 We went back to our hotel to take a bath and nap awhile before hunting for dinner at Liuhe night market.

As usual we took the MRT and exit at Formosa Boulevard. I immediately yelled magnificent! Formosa Boulevard is also the main interchange for MRT here. We were so lucky to see this and many other interesting spots because from what I saw most of my friends who went to Taiwan don't really go to other county other than Taipei.

 Very interesting station. Oh, remember to exit at Exit no. 1 if you are heading to Liuhe.

After walked a few minutes we arrived at Liuhe night market.

 It was so crowded.

 Our first oh chien (oyster omelette) in this country.

Yummy fat corndog.

 Huge tentacles!

I also bought dunno what type of food with oyster + egg + vege + vermicelli wrapped in a dough and fried. Looks good but doesn't taste good. Not recommended and dunno where the picture went. While waiting for our fried giant mushroom I saw something horrendous. The shrimps were swimming happily in the tank then when someone placed an order the chef grabbed the shrimps and grilled them alive! I could still see them wriggling away on the hot grill. Ewww! I am not a vegetarian but I don't support this kind of method where you cook or eat something that's still alive like in China, Hong Kong or even eating live octopus in Korea.

The crepes are delicious! You can choose either peanut butter or honey or chocolate.

 This is nice too. Meat wrapped in crepe-like skin with vege and sauce.

 Before we left, this stall caught my eye. I have seen Turkish ice-cream and their tricks on TV programs.

I was being shy so I let hubby do the buying. It was hilarious! The ice-cream was so sticky that you can't grab it! The seller played around him for about 5 minutes and it was fun to watch.

Apart from being sticky, it tasted damn good. We ordered passion fruit flavour and it wasn't creamy at all maybe because the ingredients did not contain dairy product. The texture was like bubblegum but in a liquid state.

We headed back to the MRT station and took a train to Kaisyuan station to go to Dream Mall where we will ride on Hello Kitty themed Ferris wheel. This was how it looks like during the day. From Kaisyuan station follow the exit up and you will see a bus station just beside the exit. Dream Mall provides free shuttle bus. We were greeted by a very very cute doorman or we should call him a doorboy because he was young. Every time visitors come and go he will open the door, guide you to the bus and bow at you. Oh, how I wish we had time to snap a picture with him! To get to the Ferris wheel, go to the highest floor which I think was 8th floor where you will pass by a cinema. Then take another elevator to R (rooftop). The mall has a total of 11 floors and is about 400,000 square meters. Walk till you drop!
 We arrived on the rooftop and were heading to the ticket counter. One full circulation takes 15minutes. The ride costs NT150 per person during weekdays and NT200 per person during weekends.

View of Kaohsiung city from the top.

Do I look like that Sanrio character?

We got really tired so goodnight! See you in Alishan tomorrow.


  1. May I know the name and the contact of the Minsu in Kaohsiung 85?

    1. Hi there,
      Im so sorry I have no idea coz all bookings done by one of our group members as I do not speak or read Chinese. It really helps a lot in planning a trip to Taiwan if one knows Chinese

  2. Its okay. Ty for your time.


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