Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome Back

Dear Readers,

It's me again, Alicia Boey a.k.a. Potato Queen. I have stopped blogging since 2008 due to studies, work, relationship, family and so on. Long story short, I decided to delete my old posts. Previously there were lots of craps like telling you all about my relationship problems, who I hate, random stuff and they were all so messy.

So since I'm free now I decided to share with you about how I enjoy my life. This blog will be categorized into 4 labels only; FOOD.FASHION.TRAVEL.LIFE.

I love food. I mean who doesn't? As a typical Asian girl, I love taking pictures of my food too so instead of just letting those pictures rot in my folders and Facebook, why not review about them? I will cover some sub-categories like my home cooking coz I love to cook and YouTube is my teacher. I will also cover about the places ranging from hawker stalls and kopitiam to buffets in hotel and fine dining restaurants.

I have to admit I'm not a fashionista and I have quite a bad taste in fashion but I will try my best to cover on my ootd, tips on what to wear for occasions, skincare tips, my product haul, my ugly nails, my messy hair, how I manage my diet and detox my body and so on. I really have to share on how to maintain my ideal weight. I dislike being too skinny as I may look haggard.

This is a hobby that I share with my partner. Though it involves a sum of money, traveling puts our mind at ease, escape away from stress and end up feeling satisfied. Most of all you bond with your spouse, family and friends or whoever you are traveling with. You also gain experience from the place that you will never get from websites and pictures. I will cover from local attractions (Penang counts too, be proud!) to oversea vacations. From budget as low as backpacking to high budget like our spring honeymoon in South Korea on April 2013, Japan on September 2013 and Europe on December 2014.

This topic will cover all miscellaneous stuff about my life. I will share on my wedding, my pets, house tour, studies, and random topics like gender equality, self confidence, passion, my random thoughts and other social stuff. However you will not find any provoking topics like porn and politics here.

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