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Top 10 Haunted Hotels I Have Stayed

Muahaha I'm so excited when it comes to paranormal topic. As I was busy finding hotel for my next trip, I did some background check as well then thought how come I never share my haunted hotel list. As my travel experience grew, I always try my best to never book hotels that have some unwanted stories behind. Most haunted hotels were booked in my early days where I don't care as long as there's a place to stay.

1. Hilton Kuala Lumpur
That's not my photo but it's how the old Hilton looks like. I stayed here a few times when I was like 8-11 years old coz my dad redeemed from his credit card. I think it has been renovated in 2013. So before renovation the corridor and rooms were dated and creepy. I remember the lights were dim orange and everywhere seemed dark. The first time I was here was also my first visit to KL. I would suddenly feel scared for no reason as we waited the lift. The feeling is as if I was about to die and that was when I knew how "scared to death" feels like. The room has a wooden counter top separating bed from bathroom door and I was so afraid something might pop up when I sleep on the bed. When my parents and I went out for dinner the radio in our car played Simply Red's Fairground and I hated the song coz it gives me eerie vibe. When we were back at Hilton that song kept playing in my head plus the creepy dark room make me felt so disturbed. But I kept this to myself not even telling my parents. After 20 years I would still never ever go back. Oh at one time we stayed at Hilton again coz dad redeems every year and we explored a connecting mall which has not been opened yet. As you enter from Hilton you are already on the top floor of the mall. Imagine an empty mall with no lights and there's a dark hollow next to the walking space. Another scary memory stuck in my head.

2. Genting ...nuff said
I don't have to elaborate a lot about Genting. Whole world knows it's one of the most haunted place in Malaysia. My first stay at Genting Highlands was when I was about 7 or 8 too. That time we stayed at Resorts World coz First World does not exist yet. The furnishings were all wooden and dated just like Hilton and I could remember the eerie morning fog as I opened the curtains. The bulu roma naik feeling is not as bad as Hilton maybe coz I was excited about the theme park. However the indoor theme park gave me chills. As you enter from the carpark you will be led to the indoor game area with lots of console games. It was so dark and noisy felt like I was in hell. After few years it was renovated with beautiful ceilings and deco and a mall and then the notorious First World was created. I only stayed once at First World with my husband who was at that time my bf. Then no more... never return. We also had a huge argument that day. After argue he brought me to Ripley's and at the end of exhibit got a shock by some ghost actors from the haunted mansion next door wtf. Other visits were only for few hours as we stayed in KL, Rawang (with mum) and at one time at Bukit Tinggi which also made it to my haunted list lol.

3. EDC Hotel UUM
Situated in the middle of the jungle with only a winding highway in front. Basically the whole university is haunted trust me....especially my hostel at Bukit Kachi. My husband who was at that time bf would come to visit me at UUM and we would regularly stay at Hotel Sri Garden in Kangar. We would go for seafood at Kuala Perlis or binge on lotsa food esp Ayamas in front of TV. Netflix and Chill yo. Ah miss those fun times. Anyway I recommended him to try EDC hotel as it is just beside my university. That's when the creepiness comes in. He saw a pair of glowing red eyes from the wardrobe when I was showering then it dissapeared into the bathroom. He only told me after a long long time to prevent me from freaking out. As midnight approaches, Quran recitals were heard from the speakers at corridor. I am not sure what is the meaning but I know it was soft, calm and soothing. But why is it playing only during midnight? Maybe to keep us safe but from what? I knew about this coz I stayed at EDC before to study for exam. I thought a hotel environment with aircon would be better than my hostel for studying. After 1am I decided I couldn't burn the midnight oil any longer and went to bed with comforter over my head and every light in the room switched on coz I got so scared suddenly and kept praying to fall asleep faster. I thought that second visit with my bf would be better but its worse.

4. The Regency Hotel Alor Setar
I know this is an old hotel. Sometimes when we got tired of Kangar we would stay at Alor Setar. I also simply recommend this one to my bf as it was within our budget. What to do we were uni students ma. It was newly refurbished when we stayed here. But still the haunting remains.


5. Fraser's Hill Pine Resort
Apartment too big. Didnt expect to have 3 bedrooms. Dare not enter kitchen. No lights and guarantee to make your spine chill. Moreover there's a creepy looking fireplace. Why would you need fireplace in Malaysia? Balcony super huge enough to hold a party and BBQ.


6. Selesa Resort Bukit Tinggi
As soon as I Google to confirm the name as I had to refresh my memory, the phrase Selesa Hotel berhantu came up. My goodness! Before we went to Fraser's Hill 2 days later, we checked in to Selesa Hotel. What an eerie trip we had coz we got lost trying to get to Bukit Tinggi not once but 3 times including coming down from Genting and trying to get back to our hotel. The second fail we took it as a blessing coz we get to visit Batu Caves unexpectedly. What we dislike is we had to walk through a dark hall in order to get to our room or to reach the lobby. We couldn't find any switch coz as soon as you enter it was total darkness and I could hear someone following me. We also wandered around swimming pool area and I remember there was a creepy looking billiard and table tennis area somewhere behind and also a golf course.

7. Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower
Creepy hollow lobby never ending maze corridor that takes 10 minutes to reach your room. Room was gorgeous btw and the view was amazing. The building is not managed by a single hotel company but rather more than a dozen of different companies that's why its also called minsu (homestay). It has lot of rules that had to be written in paper. You have to transfer lift at certain floor to reach your room. Water pressure is limited so if your room has fourth person might have to wait up to 20 minutes. Going in and out of door at the mid lobby also has timing rules. I believe observatory deck is at 75th floor but its empty. Most floors are dark anyway due to unoccupied so when lift suddenly open into one of these floors u can feel the chill.


8. Neighborhood Hotel Jeju
I just checked on every booking website that this hotel is permanently closed and replaced by Best Western. Anyway we stayed here in Jeju during our Korea honeymoon. The hotel was fine till my hubby woke up and asked me whether did I heard the tapping sound. I said I heard nothing. Then he woke up and asked me again. I really heard nothing but he insisted it didn't come from the door but from the radio at the console table on his side. Spooky!

9. Emperor Hotel Melaka
I almost forgot the name but I remember it's the tallest hotel in Melaka. This was my second trip ro Melaka and first with my bf. My first was with my mum attending our church camp at Klebang Beach Resort.
10. Bukit Merah
I almost forgot about this one. It was my first vacation with my husband who was my bf at that time. We were given a room fit for 4-5 people at the ground floor.

So do let me know if any of these hotels have a back story like suicide or murder or fire I would like to verify whether if it's just my hallucination. Except Genting coz its confirmed haunted. Another so called spooky place I have stayed was Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur but I didn't feel a thing probably from exhaustion and also because it was a school trip.

There are a few hotels in my hometown that's haunted too which I prevented myself from staying. Most famous one is E&O Hotel. Another is Tune Hotel downtown coz I have seen the old building left abandoned for years. And of course tons of heritage hotels around Georgetown la. So lessons learned never to simply book a place to stay without background check or attracted by ridiculously cheap price.

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